Street Justice Roleplay

Striking, modern, bold, with a sense of „Justice“.
The logo itself combines multiple elements, all merged into one icon. We made use of a dark, saturated red – which represents strength, power and authority.
Although the brand icon itself contains three seperate elements, they all merge into one closed unit. This allows for easier use. The eagle is, understandably, a common symbol in modern logo designs. Not only a powerful animal, the eagle is universally considered a positive symbol, associated with freedom, power, majestiy and strength.
The font we used is called „Built Titling“ – a solid, compact and also futuristic typeface. It comes in multiple weights which allows for universal use in future projects.
The brand icon itself combines multiple things: The letters „S“ and „J“, a shield which is similar to a Judges (Dredd) badge and an eagle head.

Mockups designed by Freepik

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