Who are we?

Our team is a creative bunch of folks from all around the world. We offer our professional services in brand-& webdesign, video editing and custom game assets such as 3D-environment (Level Design). Whatever you need, Spectaculum Studios is going to provide you with the perfect solution! 

Spectaculum Studios is
Spectaculum Studios is
0 Years of Brand & Webdesign

6 Years of Brand & Webdesign

Are you looking for a new Logo Design, a new professional and responsive website, business cards, custom icons or something along those lines?
We are the right choice for your next project!

0 Years of video editing

5 Years of video editing

Are you looking for a custom-made, high quality video produced specifically for you?
A product trailer? A game trailer? Whatever it is, we at Spectaculum Studios can deliver just that!

0 Years of Level Design

7 Years of Level Design

We have years of experience in creating custom made levels in games that utilise the Source Engine. Spectaculum Studios is the best choice to make your gamemode or server stand out from the competition!

We only have one planet.

Graphic designers and gamers can have a huge negative impact on the environment. All of us tend to unconsciously waste resources without ever really considering the consequences this might have. 

But we believe our industry should maybe take another approach to projects! We try to cut down on waste, only use recycled paper and shut off non-essential electronics when they are not required. The future of this planet is our responsibility.

Our team is international.

Even though we are mainly based in Germany, part of our team is international.