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Solutions for your Community, Gameserver or Game.

Are you looking for something custom made? A new website or logo? An ingame addon tailored to your needs? Custom models or textures for your Indie Game?
We at Spectaculum Studios offer you clean and modern solutions using latest technologies and trends.

Are you looking for a modern, sleek, professional website? You’ve found the right team for the job! We can help you create the best website for your needs!

We have professionally trained, experienced graphic designers on our team, so if you’re in the market for a new Brand or Logo Design, you have come to the right place!

Are you looking for a custom-made, high quality video produced specifically for you? We at Spectaculum Studios can deliver just that!

One of our primary focuses is custom programming/scripts. You have an idea for a custom Garry’s Mod Addon? A new Gamemode? A script for your own game (based on well known engines)? Our professional team of experts will be able to help you achieve your goal!

We have years of experience in creating custom made levels in games that utilise the Source Engine. Spectaculum Studios is the best choice for all your Source needs, be it maps, assets and all of the above!

Do you need a custom made 3D Model? A Weapon? A Vehicle? Whatever it is, our team can make it for you.

Not convinced yet? Have a look at our references!

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Featured Projects

Dredd RP Map

Our latest custom map - commissioned by the "Street Justice Roleplay" Gaming Community. This creation...

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Dredd Vehicles

This pack includes five fully custom-made vehicles. Taken and inspired by the Judge Dredd Universe....

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Dredd Weapon Pack

This pack includes four fully custom weapons, custom ammunition and ammunition crates. Taken and inspired...

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Monthly support subscription

Whenever you use one of our services, we offer you long-time support in case something goes wrong or needs a quick update. Below you can get a rough idea of what to expect from this “maintenance” service.

Website Maintenance

So you don't have to worry about anything!
  • updates done right
  • monthly backups
  • security check-ups
  • minor content updates
  • keeping things functional
Just 39per month

Map Maintenance

we take care of bugs and minor updates to keep things going!
  • fixing bugs
  • minor changes
  • keeping things functional
Just 49per month

More coming soon

We are always working on new services for your needs!
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