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Welcome to the official Spectaculum Studios website! We are an independent development team, consisting of people from all around the world, united in their passion for gaming and Science-Fiction. We are currently offering our services in creating custom Source Engine assets such as GMod addons, models, maps other custom server content. We are also working in the 3D printing area and eventually building up to game development!

If you want to know more about our projects or just want to stay up to date, continue your adventure through the depths of these pages.

We have been going since
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Featured Projects

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Visual and technical

Solutions for your Community, Gameserver or Game.

Are you looking for something custom made? A new website or logo? An ingame addon tailored to your needs? Custom models or textures for your Indie Game?
We at Spectaculum Studios offer you clean and modern solutions using latest technologies and trends.

Responsive web design

Branding & logo design

3D Printing

Custom programming

Level Design

UI Design

3D Modelling


3D Model conversion

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