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Welcome to the official Spectaculum Studios website! We are an independent development team, consisting of people from all around the world, united in their passion for gaming and Science-Fiction. We are currently hosting and developing high-quality gameservers, creating source maps and other custom server content, offering a 3D-printing service and are building up to game development in 2021!

If you want to know more about our projects or just want to stay up to date, continue your adventure through the depths of these pages.


Before you continue you might want to check out our Discord Server! It's a nice place to relax and talk to your friends. Moreover, its members are also one of the first to recieve server or community related updates and news. Also it is our main method of communication and thus, the fastest way to get any of your questions answered!

„A world light years beyond your imagination.“


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HogwartsRP Map

Probably the greatest HogwartsRP map available for Garry’s Mod. Comes with the school itself, the Diagon Alley, a giant Forbidden Forest and much more!

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Donations are always needed and very much appreciated! Every donation is put straight towards running our servers. This includes renting the servers themselves, expensive server scripts and custom content in general. We in the Spectaculum Studios Leadership would again, greatly appreciate your generous support of our services and your continued endorsement of our hard work and effort in the servers. Financial support is also essential for our game development. Small and independent teams like ours have to rely on expensive assets and licenses to create the experiences we are aiming for.